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Here are some more examples of the work we take pride in doing...

"EBS Landscaping re-did my whole front garden and yard. They put in beautiful perennials and a couple of trees. They also put in a drainage system to divert the water away from my home. I am very pleased with the results!"

- Bart T., Lake Forest, IL

"EBS Landscaping installed a patio with irregular blue stone, and around the patio they put granite cobblestones. Surrounding the patio we put perennials to accent the beautiful work. I've used EBS for the last four years and I highly recommend them."

- Mathew S., Lake Forest, IL

"EBS Landscaping installed a large natural stone patio and outdoor fireplace. It's perfect for our outdoor entertaining!"

- Caroline C., Northbrook, IL

"I've used EBS Landscaping for years for my regular lawn maintenance. They're reliable, on-time, courteous, and do excellent lawn care and clean-up. I couldn't be happier with his crew."

- Mary H., Great Oaks, IL

"EBS did a great job, and the patio has held up very well. EBS was very competitive on price, they completed the entire project in a single block of time, and was willing to build the patio the way we wished it designed. Importantly, what isn't visible in these photos is the fact that they built a comprehensive 'french' drainage system that is under the patio, which ties to several downspouts and a sump pump. This rear patio consititutes most of a very small backyard, and EBS successfully added a gently slope to the patio so that rain hitting the patio runs away from the house and garage. They were successful in doing this (we haven't had any drainage issues since the patio was completed), and the slope is so gentle that you don't notice it exists.

Simply put, I'd highly recommend EBS for similar project work."

- Matt S., Lake Forest, IL

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